Ask Tesco: Ditch Single Use Plastic For Good!

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FAO: Mark Little, Head of Sustainability, Sourcing and Waste policy

Dear Mark,

As a regular customer, I’m asking you to support alternatives to plastic packaging, and help protect our environment.

I want to do my bit for the environment. But the plastic that so many of your products are wrapped in – from carrots to shampoo – is polluting our oceans and our countryside. Greenpeace estimates that a truckload of plastic enters our oceans every minute – that’s 12.7 million tonnes every year.

So much plastic packaging can be replaced with something much less harmful – like cardboard, paper, or newer compostable packaging. And so much could be simply ditched altogether! That’s why, as part of Plastic Free Scotland’s campaign ‘It’s Your Business’ campaign, I’m asking your company to ditch the plastic and make some simple changes.

– Ditch unnecessary packaging on fruits and vegetables
– Replace unavoidable plastic with less harmful packaging
– Work with suppliers to take plastic off the shelves for good

Your customers want to shop responsibly – please, give us alternatives to plastic packaging.

Find out more about Plastic Free Scotland’s campaign at

Best wishes,

Tesco UK

Dear Mark,

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