We have a problem with plastic


Plastic is a huge part of modern day life - but much of it is wasted. Plastic waste pollutes our communities, our countryside, and our oceans.

Households in the UK get through more than one and a half million tonnes of plastic packaging every year - that’s the equivalent of a quarter of a million elephants. Only a third of the plastic packaging that we use gets recycled, and much of it can't be recycled at all.

That plastic waste has to go somewhere. Often it’s landfill, where it will remain for hundreds of years. Lots of plastic eventually finds its way into the ocean. It poisons birds, suffocates animals, and when it’s eaten by fish, even finds it way back into the foodchain. Greenpeace estimates that a truckload of plastic waste enters our oceans every minute - that’s 12.7 million tonnes every year.

But we can do something about it.

So much plastic packaging can be replaced with something much less harmful - like cardboard, paper, or newer compostable packaging. And so much could be simply ditched altogether!  If we can get supermarkets to step up and do their bit, we can cut out plastic packaging for good.

We’re calling on supermarkets to make three simple changes

  1. Ditch unnecessary packaging on fruits and vegetables
  2. Replace unnecessary plastic packaging with biodegradable and recyclable materials
  3. Work with suppliers to take plastic off the shelves for good