Plastic Free July

Plastic Free July is just about to begin. It’s a global movement that aims to encourage people around the world to refuse single-use plastics for a month. Whether you are completely new and looking to make your first swaps or you’re already on your way to a plastic free lifestyle, there’s always more to do.

Single-use plastics are having a hugely damaging impact on our wonderful planet. From littering our streets to polluting our oceans, and that’s not to mention the animals that are killed or injured from plastic pollution. It’s clear our plastic consumption has reached a breaking point and it’s more important that ever that we try to reduce the amount of single-use plastics we use.

So to help we asked people in our Plastic Free Scotland campaign group on Facebook to tell us the best plastic free swaps they’ve made to help inspire you this month.

1. Emma – I’m obsessed with my shampoo bars. I don’t know why I ever did anything different. I used to live in London and commute with a massively heavy gym bag with shampoo bottles when I could have just had a tiny bar.

2. Jayne – In our holiday let business we have glass bottles with body wash/hand soap in and a 5L refill that will last a while!

3. Jennifer – Definitely beeswax wraps, cloth nappies and wipes, and Mooncup.

4. Moira – Switching to a veg box and soda stream, asking for paper in a bakery instead of plastic, tinned sweetcorn instead of frozen.

5. Marlyn – Homemade beeswax wraps instead of plastic or clingfilm, cotton bags for all shopping, 5L containers of all household cleaning stuff, never accept plastic bags in shops, wash and reuse any plastic bags we already had, never buy bottled water or plastic bottles of any drinks.

6. Kim – Mooncup/period pants, shampoo refills (bars don’t seem to like my hair) and cotton bags that I keep in my shopping bag for loose mushrooms etc.

7. Juliet – I reuse bread bags for my sandwiches ever day. Also, I love shampoo bars and bar soap. They last for ages.

8. Emma – I am doing my first plastic free period this month with reusable pads and I go to the Eco Larder in Edinburgh and reuse old plastic packaging ice cream tubs, washing up liquid bottles etc at their refill stations. Also started baking bread which is quite fun actually. I buy Irn-Bru from the corner shop in glass bottles cause my husband won’t go without it. I made squash from lemons and sugar. Ignore anything in the supermarket that only comes in plastic. Bought a reusable Starbucks cup. Pick and mix in a reusable bag instead of chocolate in plastic bags.

Want to link up with link-minded individuals and groups across Scotland to learn more giving up plastic? Join our PFS campaign group on Facebook to chat to others and share your tips.

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